It's fun to have friends coming from afar! My staff and I have a warm welcome for your presence. Today we meet on the Internet, with the help of this friendship platform, I believe that you will join hands with us to create a bright future of life and career.

Ten years grind one sword. Since founded in 2007, tongyuan has gone through a journey of nearly a decade, we are always with "diligence, innovation, cooperation, share" business philosophy, forge ahead, strive to innovation, from a development to now several dozens of small company the size of the modern enterprise, is the domestic well-known children's educational wooden toys development and innovation leading manufacturers, wooden toys. For many years, we have been quietly running our own business, and now we have the trust and trust of our customers. We deeply appreciate the years give the firm a concern and support from leaders at all levels and departments, thank you for always give us the trust and support of new and old customers and friends, thank you for many years with the common ideal, the way of all colleagues of the company! It is because of your support and love that tongyuan's achievements today! All this is in the past, and tongyuan will resume on a higher platform. We will continue to focus on industrial management, responsible attitude to the investors conscientious enterprise, strengthen the enterprise core advantage, continue to strengthen technological innovation, to create a better product quality, create their own brands and channels, with excellent business performance reward shareholders, to give back to society!

Looking back on the past, the good years have made us happy. Looking forward to the future, we are excited by the bright future. We will not disgrace our mission, strive for the harmonious development of society, enterprises and individuals, and make progress together!